Jennifer Sun, LAc, MD (China)


Jennifer Sun is an NCCAOM Diplomate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and a licensed acupuncturist in New York and New Jersey. She is also a dedicated council member for the United Alliance of New York State Licensed Acupuncturists. After graduation from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and completing internship and training in neurology in China, she has been practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine for over 20 years.


Jennifer's training utilizes a holistic approach that incorporates a patient’s personal and medical history to heal ailments. Her training in neurology contributes to the high success rates of her patients, with conditions ranging from medical to psychiatric. She believes in establishing a treatment plan that will restore function and alleviate discomfort while maintaining wellness and preventing future disability. Jennifer uses her holistic approach to determine a patient’s underlying cause of pain and to work towards lasting relief. Jennifer has worked at various wellness and pain management centers in New Jersey and New York and is continuing to work as a patient-centered, results-oriented professional in New Jersey.

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